West Wittering Beach SUP

The ideal wave spot for all levels of paddleboarding. No shore break to worry about. Plenty of room for first timers to learn the basics of wave riding without getting in anyone’s way.

≈ Quick Facts:

  • Beach Name: West Wittering
  • Shelter from wind: N – E
  • Best Tide: Outgoing
  • Waves: Yes (Winter best)
  • Pay To Park: Yes
  • Parking Distance: 3 minute walk
  • Do you pay to launch: No
  • SUP Rental: Yes at WWWC
  • Wildlife: Not seen
  • Eat & Drink: Mobile takeaway
  • Toilets: Yes
  • Hazards: Incoming tide

wittering from the air

≈ Location Guide: 

Where to park & launch a SUP in West Wittering?



West Wittering beach is very accessible, the car park runs along the entire length of the beach, so you have multiple choices of where to launch, enough room for everyone. There was no height barrier when I was last there. The only thing you must be very careful of is not to launch too near the West end of the beach. You are in danger of getting sucked in to the Chichester harbour (East Head) entrance on a strong incoming tide, especially on a Spring tide. Up the other end of the beach there is the Wittering Surf/Windsurf club (WWWC) which is where the majority of people seem to launch their SUPs and windsurfers. They have toilets and showers but I think you need to be a club member to use the facilities? You can also hire a SUP from there apparently.

west wittering surf 1

What’s the SUP session like?
The beach is sandy so no worries about trashing your board in the shore break. I paddle surfed in July and the beach was very busy but it wasn’t a problem, there was plenty of room for everyone. There was a light cross-on breeze coming from the left which chopped up the sea a bit. The paddle boarding was a challenge with the wind chopping it all up but I still had a lot of fun. There is a large sand bar about 100m off the beach (Outer Banks) which was jacking up an interesting set of waves to play in, ideal as I didn’t want to crash in to any of the many bathers splashing about in the shallows. The sand bar means there is no shore break to speak of, making launching a doddIe. I didn’t get particularly long rides, but I haven’t SUP’d here enough to know if that’s the norm. With reference to the tidal movement factor, the first time I paddled here I was totally oblivious to the fact that I was slowly drifting along the beach with the gentle incoming tide towards the Chichester harbour entrance, which is right next to the beach, luckily I didn’t come to any grief. You can get pretty big waves here, over head high when there is decent sized swell running, but really only suitable for SUP experts when it gets big. Check out the photo below, wasn’t like that when I was there!

west wittering surf 2

Go buy a leash, this beach gets really busy!
When I eventually came in a lifeguard gave me a slapped wrist for SUPing without a leash attached to my board, he was a bit concerned because there was so many bathers playing about at the water’s edge. Lesson learnt. I went and bought a leash the next day!


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