Poole Harbour SUP

Paddleboard in Poole’s millionaire playground, all yours for the price of a parking ticket! This Poole Harbour SUP takes you past multi-million pound houses and monster boats to match. 


map of Poole Harbour SUP

≈ Quick Facts:

  • Beach Name: Whitley Bay
  • What is the distance: 2.5 miles
  • How long does it take: 45 minutes
  • Shelter from wind: None
  • Best Tide: High Tide
  • Pay to park: Yes
  • Parking Distance: 5 seconds walk
  • Do you pay to launch: No
  • SUP Rental: Yes
  • Wildlife: Man eating sharks!
  • Eat & Drink: Restaurant & Cafes
  • Toilets: Yes
  • Hazards: Outgoing spring tide, slippery weed on slipways, Submerged boats debris

Poole Harbour SUP ParadisePoole Harbour – Tropical Paradise!

≈ Location Guide: 

Where to park & launch a SUP in Poole Harbour?



The easiest place to launch your SUP is from one of 3 slip ways along Sandbanks Road. In the Autumn and Winter you shouldn’t have any trouble parking up next to one these. It’s advisable to get there early in the Summer, the entire road will be chocker by 11am, it’s a victory to find a space anywhere on the entire length of the road. One word of warning, it is massively expensive to park on this 1 mile strip, so try to car / van share if at all possible. Another reason for wanting to park up at this end of Sandbanks Road is that you are pretty close to all the amenities such as cafes, a general store and toilets. It’s a very long walk to the toilet if you’re parked at the other end, the nearest is at Shore Road a one mile round trip!

What is there to see on the Poole Harbour SUP?

There is a multitude of routes you could take but one good option  for a Poole Harbour SUP would be to head off to the left and up towards millionaire’s row on the penninsular, with Brownsea Island castle on your right as the backdrop.

mike on the poole harbour supMike – Author

This is where the famous  and VERY expensive waterside properties are located, as featured on various TV property programmes. Stunning designs of all shapes and sizes, from the ultra modern to the ultra dated. One can be yours for the cheap price of £5 million a pop!

poole harbour sup past millionaires row

The sad thing is, most of them sit empty most of the year, a holiday home for some rich London banker or famous football player.

sup past millionaire properties in Poole HarbourThe Wife – Millionaires Row

Hang a right after you have finished drooling over the posh pads and thread your way through the long line of yachts moored up in the deeper water right across Whitley bay (The name for this section of Poole Harbour).

paddleboarding past poole harbour boats

Head towards the jetty at East Dorset yacht club, which is about the half way point.


Then you have 2 choices, either paddle past the jetty and up to Salterns Marina, adding about 1 mile there and back to the map shown at the top of the page.

Outside Salterns Marina

On this stretch you’ll see many more multi-million pound properties dotted along the shore.

poole harbour sup

poole harbour supAndy dreaming!

Alternatively SUP right towards the harbour wall that runs along most of Sandbanks Road. Paddle parallel to the harbour wall heading towards the small sandy beach half way along. You will see many more eye poppingly expensive houses on this stretch, it’s enough to make you want to go straight to the nearest paper shop and a buy a thick pile of lottery tickets.

waterside parking for the poole harbour supPoole Harbour wall and waterside parking

SUP past the beach on your left, also known as “kite corner” due to the popularity of kitesurfers launching from here, also used by sunbathers. Then head on back to the slipways to where you’ve parked up.

poole harbour sunset sup

This Poole Harbour SUP is a simple, not too strenuous a paddle, ideal for total novices, PROVIDING there’s no wind, otherwise you will be struggling big time to paddle in to the wind at some point on the circuit, which is never much fun.

One last thing that you must do after this SUP (it’s the law!) is to pull up a deck chair on the grassy strip that runs next to the harbour path, pour a cold drink and do some quality people watching while soaking up the 360 degree stunning views!

relaxing after poole harbour sup

Happy wife after poole harbour sup

Alternative Poole Harbour SUP Circuit:

East Dorset Yacht Club to Baiter Park.

How long does it take: 1 – 2 hour circular route. EDYC to Baiter Park takes half an hour in a straight line , that is if you can resist the temptation to stop and gawp at all the posh pads en route!!

Distance: Approx 3 miles

Points of interest: Blue Lagoon (on high tide only!), ridiculously expensive waterside houses and a variety of yacht clubs


More millionaire hideaways

Blue Lagoon sup-poole harbourBlue Lagoon – Lilliput Yacht Club


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