Giant Jellies! Bournemouth

14.6.14 – A rare event is taking place! Warm ocean currents have brought in large numbers of giant jellyfish to the Bournemouth coast. These beautiful creatures, Barrel Jellyfish, can be seen dotted all the way along this 7 mile stretch. I took these pics 7am this morning, they were everywhere. Don’t worry they won’t kill you, they’re totally harmless, the worst you’ll get if you really feel the need to touch them is a vague tingling sensation. Get your SUP down there ASAP, before they disappear from our shores for good!!

Update: APRIL 2015 – They’re back, but in even bigger numbers! Bring your snorkel and flippers people!


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3 Responses

  1. billy says:

    I have seen that jellyfish

  2. Peas says:

    How should I meet the giant jelly fish at Bournemouth beach ?
    Need a boat to the central of the sea

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