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This website was born out of frustration at the lack of decent info on places to paddleboard across the UK. SUP EXPLORER plugs that gap. We give you route maps, town facts and a paddle by paddle run down for each spot. Please drop us a line if you have any suggestions of things you would like to see added to the site.

The Mission:
To have a site bursting with locations tried and tested by humans.
All the facts good & bad, so that you can make an informed choice
on whether a particular spot is right for you. 


P1070334cSite Creator:

The first time I ever saw a paddleboarder in the flesh was back in 2007, in Maui, Hawaii. It was none other than the living legend Laird Hamilton powering down the coast.  I was totally gobsmacked, “What is that guy doing?? Wow that looks cool! Where do I get one of those??” SUPs weren’t really common knowledge back then. As soon as I arrived back in the UK I made a beeline straight for the local surf shop. I managed to sweet talk them in to lending me one for a couple of hours. Bosh! I’ve been completely hooked ever since! I was one of the first to give paddleboarding a go in the Poole area, a bit of a pioneer I guess and still love it as much to this day. I love all disciplines of paddleboarding from distance touring, to river SUPing to catching some cheeky waves when a groundswell is pounding the coast. Locally the sport has really exploded the last couple of years, this partly down to the stunning weather we all enjoyed during the Summers of 2013 & 2014. Gone are the days when I’d be the only one on the water, now you’ll find paddleboarders wherever there’s a drop of water! Anyway I’m waffling! Hey! You still here? Get off your bum and go SUP!

12185134_1516867711960784_8142507156102346005_o Guest Author: Jonnie

Jonnie is located in Warsash and has been paddling since 2009.IMG_0141 (2) He enjoys the peace and tranquillity that paddling offers when the wind does not allow for kitesurfing. Being a real explorer, he is devoted to SUPing creeks, caves, rapids and always wondering what’s around the next corner.


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