Old Harry Dazzler

A sublime SUP out to old Harry rocks today! Defo wear sunglasses unless you want to be blinded by the dazzling white cliffs! Water was total glass thanks to the huge cliffs shielding me from the South West wind.


To find out more about paddleboarding to Old Harry rocks in Poole go to the following page: https://supexplorer.co.uk/sup-knoll-beach-to-old-harry-rock-uk/


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2 Responses

  1. Pauline says:

    I went to Old Harry recently but I went too early on an incoming tide so water was too low to go through to the otherside. Also the wind got up and was a bit choppy but made for a quick return to the beach. Your photos show lovely smooth water. What time before high tide do you go?

    • SUP HQ says:

      Hi Pauline, glad you met Old Harry, he’s a handsome old boy! The reason why the water looks like a mirror in my images is because only paddleboard there when I’m totally sheltered from the wind by the huge cliffs. I also make it a light wind day to be double sure. The tide doesn’t really have an impact on sea state there. Hope that helps 🙂

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