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Tested new camera clamp today

2.4.17 – Finally dusted the shorts off and went for a cheeky SUP around Poole Harbour today.…. Scorchio! And yes, before you take the mick out of my rosy complexion, guilty, I didn’t use suntan lotion OK. The camera clamp performed brilliantly by the way, remained rock solid the entire trip. Didn’t add too much weight to the paddle stroke either.



Camera and paddle clamp used for these shots:


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4 Responses

  1. Claire Moring says:

    Brilliant! I am supposed to be at home working right now, but instead have found myself distracted by this great website! It’s brilliant. So helpful as well, with all the info about where to launch etc. Well done. I am defo signing up for new post notifications. Thankyou for a great site. Claire

  2. David says:

    Just found this site and love your write ups. I have already done some of the paddles you have listed but will aim for a few more. As I usually set off from Lake Pier on my harbour travels I will look out for you and say Hi. I am in the white / grey Toyota van. Either with O’shea inflatables or a Starboard drive hard board.

    • SUP HQ says:

      Hi David, Glad you’re finding the website useful. We might bump into each other if you’re as mad as me, I tend to do crazy o’clock. I’m quite often on the water by 6am before the wind fills in. 🙂

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